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10th April 2012

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mozarellaswastikas replied to your post: So if property rights are natural and inherent…

unrelated but now there’s a bill in arizona that says a person enters personhood two weeks before the parents even have sex. so now you exist before you even fucking exist.

Yes I read about that it’s fucking bullshit and Arizona continues to strive towards awfulness

About this. It seems like it claims that every woman is pregnant at all times under all circumstances (or at least that’s the logical conclusion).

If this passes, I hope that everyone in Arizona (that can) tries to take some time off because of maternity leave. Just fucking everyone take maternity leave. It would be awesome.

Just be like “according to this bill, I’ve been pregnant for [insert current age here] years. I’m pretty sure the baby’s about due. I need time off.”

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26th March 2012

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How to Get Your Book Banned in Arizona


Step 1: Write about people who aren’t white.


You will very rarely see me curse, tumblypoos, but…but…I mean, what the fuck? How is this even possible? This reads like an Onion article.

To be clear, it is now ILLEGAL to teach de la Pena’s novel (which I’ve read and which is excellent) in schools, not because the book contains violence or drug use or massively unerotic blow jobs, but because it contains Mexican American characters. (The protagonist of the novel is only half Mexican, but apparently that is too Mexican for Arizona.)

That’s it. That’s the whole reason it can’t be taught in schools.


The fact that the bill, as the article says, explicitly outlaws anything under the header of ‘critical race theory’ shows just how bad this entire thing is. I’ve mentioned this before, but Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” is outlawed through this bill, and that personally makes me more sad than anything, because I find that book to be an absolute masterpiece.

The fact that they’re censoring anything on such spurious criteria is pathetic though.

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9th February 2012

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Noam Chomsky: Banning of Mexican American Studies Is an “International Disgrace”

While in Tucson to give a lecture at the University of Arizona,  Professor Noam Chomsky addressed TUSD’s banning of Mexican American Studies (MAS) and its reading list.

“When you start banning books of Chicano history … Rethinking Columbus, the classics and so on, it’s an international disgrace,” said Chomsky, one of the world’s leading intellectuals. “That’s reminiscent, I’m afraid, of Nazi Germany.”

Mr. Chomsky notes that a lot of the recent hostility toward the Mexican community is a calculated response to the millions of campesinos displaced by NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, who were forced to seek opportunities in the United States.

“There used to be a pretty open border … it was militarized, strikingly, in 1994,” said Chomsky, referring to the year NAFTA was enacted.

Much of the issue behind the banning of MAS is about literally trying to re-write this history.

“…in the case of Arizona and banning of Mexican Studies programs, it’s particularly ironic because this is Mexico,” commented Chomsky.

But, ultimately, it’s about us. Do we accept the outlawing of our history and culture or do we, as MAS students have been doing, fight back?

The students and teachers of MAS have made this choice clear. Fighting back is the only option.

[Chomsky sucks, blah blah blah, but he’s pretty on the ball here].

I know general foreign policy relations regarding the U.S. usually focus on our relations with the middle east, and that’s where the majority of literature and commentary on it goes, but I can’t help but be more interested in how we treat Latin America. We completely ignore any relations we have with Latin America, especially how much we’ve fucked it up. Even the middle east gets referenced by conservatives - if, of course, in a xenophobic/racist/religiously intolerant way, but they still reference it. There’s a giant black hole in foreign policy conversation (as far as I’m concerned and exposed to) regarding central and south America. They’re completely forgotten except for token ‘dey tuk our jobs!’ type comments.

It seems that in the dominant way of thinking here that all the illegal immigrants come from Mexico (which, obviously is so, so wrong, on so many levels), but they Mexico and the rest of the Americas don’t exist outside of this, except for a token PBS public broadcast on Mexican drug cartels and maybe a Planet Earth special on rainforests.

The whole thing is super depressing to me.

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17th January 2012

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Tuscon Public Schools Ban "Tempest", “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” →

As part of the state-mandated termination of its ethnic studies program, the Tucson Unified School District released an initial list of books to be banned from its schools today. According to district spokeperson Cara Rene, the books “will be cleared from all classrooms, boxed up and sent to the Textbook Depository for storage.”

Facing a multimillion-dollar penalty in state funds, the governing board of Tucson’s largest school district officially ended the 13-year-old program on Tuesday in an attempt to come into compliance with the controversial state ban on the teaching of ethnic studies…

Another notable text removed from Tucson’s classrooms is Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest.” In a meeting this week, administrators informed Mexican-American studies teachers to stay away from any units where “race, ethnicity and oppression are central themes,” including the teaching of Shakespeare’s classic in Mexican-American literature courses.

Other banned books include “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” by famed Brazilian educator Paolo Freire and “Occupied America: A History of Chicanos” by Rodolfo Acuña, two books often singled out by Arizona state superintendent of public instruction John Huppenthal, who campaigned in 2010 on the promise to “stop la raza.” Huppenthal, who once lectured state educators that he based his own school principles for children on corporate management schemes of the Fortune 500, compared Mexican-American studies to Hitler Jugend indoctrination last fall.

What the fuck? Pedagogy of the Oppressed is the single most important book I have ever read. It’s a masterpiece, and it’s not being allowed because it talks about racial oppression?! This angers me far more than I can even articulate.

(Also, that fucking bolded part. I didn’t bold it, but I probably would have anyway, because that’s just so horrible.)

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