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7th March 2012

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as always, i have a lot of ~feelings



but one thing that really really irks me about liberal capitalist charity is that these kids can put ‘invisible children campaign!!!’ on their resumes, get jobs, praise, and be regarded as these selfish lovely creatures because *they dont have to help but do*.

i dont give a fuck if you built a school in some third world country one summer and then never did anything again. idgaf if your life goal is to work at some charity.

let me ask you if people can put the activism that builds their communities on their resumes?

how can you put ‘i got two kids out of jail when ice agents were harassing them by knocking on their windows for a week?’ on my resume? or when/if i do, how come you know i have to deal with raised eyebrows that i do ~controversial~ work like help two undocumented immigrants get to safety?

if you grew up poor and took care of the kids in your neighborhood, do you put that on your resume? will that get you any jobs? what about when you cant walk away from the situation?

i grow weary at capitalists attempting charity and humanitarian relief because my activism is not only a career, it is about rebuilding the structures that constitute my day-to-day existence. my friend ben is heavily involved in foreign development and he has managed to carve out a big emotional and personal stake in his work.

forgive me if i think you are less capable when you have the luxury to walk away from oppressive situations. if activism was meant to be at your convenience, the world would have no such deeply embedded problems.

this goes back to what i say about IR majors who think its so chic to run campaigns helping foreigners and then look down at domestic activists because ~argh there are starving kids in the world!~ or whatever the fuck.

i find myself surprised these days when i bump heads with people on say, student government, an institution that exists with a large personal payoff. when i find myself not getting credit for critical work i’ve done, i realize i dont care because its more about getting the work done itself.

i am a strong believer that the politics of social justice can never involve your ego. this is not because i’m a moralist bitch or because i think my work is such a big fucking deal, but because anything else is too artificial and does not work.

all this.

This is exactly the point of that Zizek video I reblogged and tried to explain earlier, though put better than I did.

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