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12th February 2012

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Have you ever noticed that no one ever has anything nasty to say about Tegan and Sara that has any merit to it? Yeah, people say they don’t like their music and that’s fair enough but you NEVER hear people call them any sort of nasty names. You know why? Because these are two smart, mature and amazing women. They stand up for what they believe in don’t shy away from a confrontation when it comes to things they believe in. As someone whose had personal experiences with rape and homophobia it made me so proud to be a fan of theirs when I saw this interview. I’m sorry but fuck, I can’t think of any other people in this world that I would rather look up to. Things like this just bring it home and remind me why they are so amazing.  

They deserve SO much more credit than they get.

Hm. Do I feel like getting into this today? Yup, I think I do.

Yo, Tegan and Sara. Why don’t you worry about the sexism and homophobia in your own genre of music before you go talking about hip-hop and Tyler the Creator. You wanna know how I know this self-righteous attitude is full of shit, subtly motivated by racism, or at the very least reactionary and poorly thought out? Because Tegan and Sara have had no problem working with sexist white people in their music, like Matt Sharp, co-writer of Weezer’s Pinkerton, which is one of the most sexist albums ever produced. All genres of music are riddled with sexism, so why the fuck do they only choose to speak when the sexism is coming from a black dude? 

And the whole way they refuse to acknowledge race as important in this issue is so fucking dismissive I can’t even stand it. Like, they just stick their pretty white fingers into their pretty white ears and act like there are no other issues at play in this situation besides the ones that affect them. But they’re white folks, so self-involvement comes standard, I suppose.

Just before I get a bunch of hate for this, I agree with the sentiment behind what they say about Tyler. I’m just completely perplexed as to why they don’t turn that same self-righteousness against white musicians and against themselves.

Reblogging for commentary.

Okay I don’t really want to get involved but I’m gonna say this: There is a huge difference between he lyrics of Tyler/Odd Future and Weezer’s Pinkerton. A song about hoping a lesbian would “turn a little straight” or whatever the line is, is not equivalent to “Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome.” And the fact that Tyler’s response has basically been “I’m 18, I’m just fucking around” or “Tegan and Sara need a dick” is unacceptable. THIS IS NOT ABOUT CENSORSHIP. I think what Tegan and Sara are trying to critique is a lack of accountability and responsibility in the music industry, particularly the media, as they’ve stated. That being said, yes the fact that race is being ignored here is a completely fair criticism, but they are specifically talking about sexism and homophobia perpetrated by an artist that has been treated with nothing but glowing reviews from the media (until Sara posted that letter). I’m at least glad it has started a conversation.

hahah you are fucking deluded if you think the worst thing about Pinkerton is Pink Triangles or whatever. What you’ve contributed in the above? That’s not adding to a conversation. That’s a continuation of a bunch of white women feeling self satisfied about admonishing people of colour for their taste in music. The outright misogyny in shit like Pinkerton is so poisonous and pernicious precisely because people like you can say what you’ve said with a straight face. Pinkerton doesn’t come up on your radar because the target of the misogyny isn’t white, and white people are the only ones that count in your calculus. How’s that for shitty accountability?

Woah, okay. First, can you give a concrete example of what lyrics specifically you are referring to in Pinkerton? I remember a song about a fetish for a Japanese fan…but nothing along the lines of bragging about raping a “pregnant bitch.” Also, if you weren’t so reactionary you would notice that I didn’t deny the misogyny in Pinkerton (I actually hate Weezer), I just said that you can’t equate the lyrics on that album with Tyler’s. Yes, we should be just as willing to point out misogyny in white artists’ music (it certainly exists, though I don’t think Pinkerton is the best example), and I said, again if you were to actually read what I wrote, that the race critique is fair game, but the fact is, we should condemn any case of overtly violent misogyny/homophobia and lack of accountability, regardless of race. Also, don’t fucking pretend to know me or anything about my ethnic and racial history/background. I am a passing POC and my relationship to race and other POC is something you don’t get a say on, period. So kindly fuck off.

There’s also a pretty big difference between saying “Tyler the Creator is homophobic/sexist/whatever” and saying that “hip-hop is homophobic/sexist/whatever”. The latter one has a lot of overt racism, especially since it’s usually white people saying that, without critiquing other forms of overt racism in other genres of music. Pointing out that Tyler the Creator is sexist, or just generally horrible (as far as lyrical content goes - I like the composition of his songs, but his actual lyrics make me want to retch sometimes), is like pointing out the sky is blue. Except for the fact that calling Tyler out for that, and critiquing his music because of it is really essential, I feel, for pointing out how problematic it is.

Also, it’s not like Tegan and Sara haven’t called out other people for being sexist/homophobic. But if we’re talking about buzz-worthy, popular, and topical artists around right now who are highly homophobic/sexist, then Tyler is the most obvious person to call out. He’s not the only one, but he is the most obvious/essential one to call out, regardless of race or genre of music.

(P.S. What the fuck? Pinkerton? I don’t remember that being that bad, though that might stem for tons of male privilege or whatever, but I really don’t think that was that offensive of an album, as far as these things go.)

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